Your satisfaction is our priority

Your satisfaction is our priority

Your satisfaction is our priority


PT. Tangguh Global Logistindo

  • PT. Tangguh Global Logistindo is a National Private Company engaged in Transportation & Logistics (Services, Procurement of Goods & Transportation)

  • PT. Tangguh Global Logistindo was established on September 30, 2020 in Jakarta and legalized by Notary Sri Juwariyati SH., M.KN, with Deed No. 102 dated 28 September 2020 North Jakarta, domiciled at Jl. Kebon Bawang V No. 30 A, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta.

  • Our Gait started in 2014 in Jakarta as a service provider, procurement of goods, logistics and transportation. Then in the development and increasing trust from customers who continuously provide support.


  • Quick Respon an Good Service.

  • Making the company able to compete with other companies.

  • Become a strategic partner, trusted and a ready-made workforce provider.


  • Providing the best and comfortable service.

  • Build the widest possible network.

  • Conduct a mutually beneficial synergy with business partners.


Company name :
PT. Tangguh Global Logistindo

Establishment date :
30 September 2020

Address of establishment :
Jl.Kebon Bawang V No. 30 A/B, Tanjung Priok – Jakarta Utara

Business fields :
Transportasi Logistic

Director :
Dwi Arianto

Telp :
+62 21 439 355 73 - +62 812 9370 5481

e-mail :

legality document


Our Service

As one of the logistics service providers in Jakarta - Indonesia, PT. Tangguh Global Logistindo always strives to provide the best service for every customer. The following services we have :

Export - Import Consuntant

Export - Import Trading

Export - Import Clereace

Air, Sea and Land Door to Door Service

Air, Sea and Land Freight Service

PT. TGL Gallery


Contact us

Head Office

Jl. Kebon Bawang V No.30 A-B
RT.001/006, Kebon Bawang, Tanjung Priok
Jakarta Utara

Call: +62 21 439 355 73
Mobile: +62 812 9370 5481